Cloud 9 Massage Spa Eustis


Rebecca Noll
Owner/Licensed Massage Therapist
MA 74675

Hello! My name is Rebecca Noll and you are about to read my story and how massage therapy has impacted my life, my education and how it can help me help you.

Several car accidents and chronic pain with little to no relief, started me on my journey to find something other than medication to bring me comfort. The last car accident required physical therapy, chiropractor adjustments, medications and EMS (aka tens unit). Now for some, all of those things would provide some kind of relief. But for me, because all of the muscles in my body were tight, caused more harm than good. I had resigned myself to the fact I would be in pain forever and needed to get used to it.

I have always been in the healthcare industry but, when I decided to redirect my focus to alternative medicine and healing and prevention of injury/illness, it led me to looking into massage. And it wasn't until I began my actual training in massage therapy and trading massages with other students that I realized my pain was becoming less and less. I could breathe without the expansion of my ribs causing my back to hurt and I had finally been able to sleep comfortably. That was when I knew I had chosen the right path for me.

As part of my wellness journey, I have also added yoga and aromatherapy to my daily routine. I am working towards my certifications in these areas to be able to share what I have learned with the clients I serve.

As for my education, I graduated from the Therapeutic Massage Program September 2013 from the Florida College of Natural Health located in Maitland, Florida. I became a fully licensed massage therapist with the Florida Department of Health in November 2013. In May 2014, my mobile massage practice La Paix Massage & Bodywork moved to Leesburg, Florida. Then in July 2016, I acquired Cloud 9 Massage Spa Eustis and merged the two businesses into one.

My primary focus is in the Eastern modalities, that include but are not limited to, Shiatsu, Acupressure and Reflexology. My services are tailored to each client so that optimal results can be achieved during each session. I have provided massage therapy to clients with various health conditions and disabilities including heart disease/stroke, spinal stenosis, cancer, Autism, diabetes and scoliosis. I make every attempt to be knowledgeable of the health status of the clients I treat.

I feel strongly that skilled and caring therapeutic touch is crucial to the integration of mind, body and spirit. I am focused on expanding my skills and expertise in areas that aid the body's own natural ability to heal and repair itself.

I have provided massage therapy services for the Walt Disney Marathons in Orlando, Florida, The Red Hat Society in Leesburg, Florida and the Autism Society of Greater Orlando (ASGO).