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Mobile/On-site Massage Therapy

Can’t make it to the massage therapy office, without battling rush hour traffic? Health conditions make it difficult to travel to your appointment? Luckily, your favorite Lake County massage therapist, Rebecca Noll, offers massage therapy, to go! Mobile massage therapy brings massage right to you. In your home, workplace, or even, to a special event. 

By having a massage in the privacy of your home, you can take relaxation to another level. Oftentimes, trying to relax at a spa or salon, can’t happen, because you’re unsure of your surroundings. In addition, the drive to and from the massage session can diminish the benefits of the massage. Isn’t the idea of a massage to get rid of the stress from work, traffic and to relax from your hectic lifestyle?

Upon arrival to your preferred massage destination, a table or chair will be set up in the area of your choice. It’s a good idea to choose a space that’s private and roomy. If you’re in your office, be sure you can close the blinds or curtains. A quite environment is important.

Whether you need help with a particular injury or you just need time to relax and rejuvenate, mobile massage therapy is perfect for anyone! Below, you’ll find a few reasons for mobile massage therapy and massage parties!

Reasons to Take Advantage of Mobile Massage:

  • Disabled, Home Bound and/or Elderly
  • Wedding Day
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Baby Showers
  • Church Events
  • Anniversary
  • Birthday Parties
  • Fund Raisers
  • Girl’s Night In
  • Massage in the Workplace
  • Give as a Gift
  • And most importantly, TIME!

The benefits of mobile massage are endless! To take advantage of getting a massage in the comfort of your home, or on your lunch break at the office. I'm able to work with you, to schedule an appointment that works best for you!

Swedish Massage Therapy

Relaxation Massage

30 Minute Session-$35
60 Minute Session-$60
75 Minute Session-$75
90 Minute Session-$90
120 Minute Session-$120

Six 30 Minute Sessions-$175
Six 60 Minute Sessions-$288
Six 90 Minute Sessions-$448
Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

30 Minute Session-$40

60 Minute Session-$70

75 Minute Session-$85

90 Minute Session-$100

120 Minute Session-$140


Six 30 Minute Sessions-$200

Six 60 Minute Sessions-$348

Six 90 Minute Sessions-$498

Chair Massage Therapy

Chair Massage

$1 per Minute/15 Minute Minimum


Six 30 Minute Sessions-$145

*Series Sessions can be redeemed as you choose (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) and never expire.